Could you live without them?

How many do you have in your home?

How many do you have on you right now?!

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve seen one?

Mirror history goes back, way-way back, probably back to when someone or something, first consciously peered at its reflection in the nearest still pool of water. 

Man made mirrors have been found dating back to 6000bc in Turkey, while Central Americans produced a form of the mirror from polished obsidian stone around 2000bc. The Romans were fans of crude mirrors made from glass with a lead backing.

Glass mirrors were first produced around the 3rd Century and advancements in Glassblowing in the 1400s led to the discovery of convex mirrors.

Advancements in technology sped up mirror production and lowered their price point, gradually they became more obtainable. In 1835 the German chemist Justus von Liebig developed the silvered-glass mirror, where a thin layer of metallic silver is applied to glass via a chemical reduction, this allowed manufacture on a much larger scale.

Contemporary mirrors are made in much the same way, panes of glass are cleaned, coated with silver and cut or finished within an entirely automated process.

For interiors (and exteriors!), mirrors could be considered the ultimate ‘triple threat’ - able to bounce and reflect light around a room, they visually double the depth of anything in front of it and look authentically sophisticated throughout any application. Can your Ikea coffee table claim that?

With spring very much upon us, 16 degree sun followed by brisk snow showers anyone? Why not have a walk about your home, see where a bespoke mirror from Glass Supplies York could help make the most of your space?

Here are a few suggestions…

    - Behind a lamp

    - As a tray on a rustic table

    - As an alternative headboard

    - Grouped as a wall gallery

    - As the second window in a bathroom

    - Used as a backsplash in a kitchen

    - In the alcoves

    - Statement Wall

    - Permanent room divider

We’ve installed mirrors in all sorts of locations, for commercial and residential applications, large and small. Share your inspiration with us on social media or drop us an email for a quote.

We can supply clean cut mirrors from stock, with polished or bevelled edges, and all are safety backed. We offer mirrors with a variety of finishes including standard silvered, bronze, grey smoked, antique bronze, antique silvered or antique morena. Fitting options include our ‘low modulus’ silicone which provides a sleek, ultra secure bond to most surfaces or drilled holes, secured with chrome dome capped screws.

Finally, we can cut bespoke mirrors to any size. Any shape. To any template. If required we can provide a templating service, and can even cut out holes for plug sockets!

Just don’t try and sell it on afterwards, it’s not as easy as it looks.



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