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Here at Glass Supplies York, we pride ourselves on offering a dynamic range of products and services, from large commercial installs, to intricately cut mirrors. However, one of our favourite and most satisfying jobs is the fitting of uPVC double glazed windows!

Very few improvements to a home can offer such a visual impact whilst also improving the thermal efficiency, noise reduction and bolstering security.

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Originating in the 1970s with the introduction of aluminium based window technology the product offering evolved to uPVC in the 1980s. Further advances were made in the glazing industry and uPVC windows moved from being externally glazed (where the beads are fitted to the outside) to the significantly more secure internally glazed models by the year 2000.

The next step was the introduction of uPVC profiles with grained finishes as to replicate traditional wooden windows, all the benefits of uPVC without compromising on the style of the property.

Finally, current motivational trends in the window industry are design-led, whether choosing flush or storm casements or traditional sliding sash windows, all available in almost any colour.

uPVC has many benefits. Its low cost provides exceptional value vs older aluminium windows or bespoke timber frames. It is low maintenance and other than a simple wipe down occasionally, will need no further maintenance.

Sound insulation in a key benefit of replacement windows. Studies have shown that uPVC double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 70%.

Finally, the windows provide brilliant thermal efficiency, reducing heating costs and helping to keep your property warm.


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All our windows meet, and exceed the requirements of the British Standards Institute and have undergone rigorous quality control testing. Our installers have decades of experience between them and pride themselves on the quality of work they do.

If your home is due a facelift or if you’d like a consultation about how our windows can increase your security, or save you money on your heating bills, please give us a call on 01904 412061.

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